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Sssh, Philae is sleeping…


Hidden behind the media frenzy for Kim Kardashian's arse is a much more important story. The Philae lander has successfully landed on the surface of c

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15 November 2014

Having a tidy up.

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

So after taking myself out of the loop for a while following a mountain biking accident where I ate the floor hard and fractured most of the left side

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14 November 2014

I’ve been rather neglectful…

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

So I have been somewhat neglectful of the site, it just isn't a high priority what with hauling my ass even further down south and settling down in Br

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6 November 2013

Decided to advertise my services…

Go on, employ me, I dare you...

Decided that I needed to start looking for a decent job for after university. Then I thought, why go hunting for a job when I can try and get prospect

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4 July 2012

Update Complete…

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

And it went swimmingly... Oh wait no, oh course it wouldn't be as simple as it should have been... But if you are reading this then the nameserver


17 June 2012

Slowly getting this place in shape…

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

The search function now works, go give it a try :-) As well as being able to search for things now, the main page has links to older/newer posts et


10 June 2012

Katies Portfolio Website

Her website is slowly taking shape at Simple colour scheme of black on white so that all the attention will be on the work examp


4 March 2012

Mobile publishing is go !!

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

Content can now be published while out and about... Which means I can keep things up to date as and when they happen.


3 March 2012