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Cartoon Mash-ups are always good…

...and this one is no exception!

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26 May 2014

Steve Irwin – Melody Sheep

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3 January 2014

Stan Lee parkour

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2 January 2014

Captain Picard – Let it Snow

There are some things that just banish the Grinch inside all of us... Via George Takei

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4 December 2013

Songs that ripped off other songs…

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26 November 2013

The Ocean – Pelagial – Unboxing

A few days ago I gave my opinion on The Ocean's Pelagial, head over and have a look here. It's not often that a band puts as much effort in to the pa


3 June 2013

Walk off the Earth

I haven't really said anything about these guys beyond posting their video showing them using a single guitar between the five of them to play Gotye's


27 May 2013

Famous Lyrics Which Just Aren’t Lyrics

Say whaaaaaaat? Just watch the video, you'll see what I mean...

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26 May 2013