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Beer Widget

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

Rising from the ashes of is the new beery widget based on Michael Beckwith's Untappd widget. I've splatted some extras on top to h

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25 May 2015

Sssh, Philae is sleeping…


Hidden behind the media frenzy for Kim Kardashian's arse is a much more important story. The Philae lander has successfully landed on the surface of c

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15 November 2014

Dealing with code injection.

AKA, "I am a hacker and I have a small willy"

Okay, so twice in as many weeks I’ve hit the front page of and found that the footer has been missing and my plugin isn’t dis


14 February 2014

Gnar Wars

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4 January 2014

Stan Lee parkour

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2 January 2014

Mario’s favourite bro

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1 January 2014

Captain Picard – Let it Snow

There are some things that just banish the Grinch inside all of us... Via George Takei

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4 December 2013

Bluetooth module HC-05, BT_Board 1.5 configuration AT commands

The easiest way to configure the HC-05 Bluetooth module using AT commands, is by using a USB to TTL converter. The module can be forced into AT mode b


8 April 2013