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Beer Widget

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

Rising from the ashes of is the new beery widget based on Michael Beckwith's Untappd widget. I've splatted some extras on top to h

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25 May 2015

Beer tracker

It's still being developed and there is a lot of missing information as well as missing images, but click here to head on over for a sneak peak.


4 December 2014

Having a tidy up.

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

So after taking myself out of the loop for a while following a mountain biking accident where I ate the floor hard and fractured most of the left side

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14 November 2014

Beefing up security

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

Noticed the lack of posts? I'm beefing up security... I keep having an issue with code being injected in to the page template... Edit: Fixed :)

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24 January 2014

Sunrise over Latvia

All of the news of the many people who have been sadly killed in the collapse of a Maxima supermarket roof in Riga, reminded me of the very short time

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24 November 2013

I’ve been rather neglectful…

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

So I have been somewhat neglectful of the site, it just isn't a high priority what with hauling my ass even further down south and settling down in Br

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6 November 2013

Well that escalated quickly !!

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

Being a third year student while working and maintaining a social life has somewhat drawn all of my time away from the site... I will be back...


16 December 2012

I’m famous… Well.. A starring roll at least…

I can only assume that they must be talking about how handsome the guy in the Portal T-Shirt is ;)

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15 September 2012