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Mario’s favourite bro

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1 January 2014

Cats = Gandalf


7 December 2013

Ninja mode activated!

It's like a real life blockbuster... If only I could do that, it looks like fun, if a little painful...


6 December 2013

Captain Picard – Let it Snow

There are some things that just banish the Grinch inside all of us... Via George Takei

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4 December 2013

Building animation…

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3 December 2013

Songs that ripped off other songs…

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26 November 2013

Seagull invasion….


25 November 2013

Sunrise over Latvia

All of the news of the many people who have been sadly killed in the collapse of a Maxima supermarket roof in Riga, reminded me of the very short time

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24 November 2013