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Cartoon Mash-ups are always good…

...and this one is no exception!

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26 May 2014


If no-one will play with you, then play with yourself... *Giggity*

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25 May 2014

Jazz Hooves!

Have you ever been so high that you decided it was a good idea to serenade a herd of cows? Nope? Thought not, thankfully this is the internet so someo

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24 May 2014

Dealing with code injection.

AKA, "I am a hacker and I have a small willy"

Okay, so twice in as many weeks I’ve hit the front page of and found that the footer has been missing and my plugin isn’t dis


14 February 2014

Beefing up security

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

Noticed the lack of posts? I'm beefing up security... I keep having an issue with code being injected in to the page template... Edit: Fixed :)

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24 January 2014

Gnar Wars

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4 January 2014

Steve Irwin – Melody Sheep

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3 January 2014

Stan Lee parkour

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2 January 2014