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When did life start getting in the way?

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

This place is barren; the strain and stresses of real life just don't allow any time to keep this place up to date... What with work, weddings, swanni


8 August 2017

Beer Widget

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

Rising from the ashes of is the new beery widget based on Michael Beckwith's Untappd widget. I've splatted some extras on top to h

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25 May 2015

Beer tracker

It's still being developed and there is a lot of missing information as well as missing images, but click here to head on over for a sneak peak.


4 December 2014

Sssh, Philae is sleeping…


Hidden behind the media frenzy for Kim Kardashian's arse is a much more important story. The Philae lander has successfully landed on the surface of c

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15 November 2014

Having a tidy up.

Grrrrr I'm a Panda !!

So after taking myself out of the loop for a while following a mountain biking accident where I ate the floor hard and fractured most of the left side

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14 November 2014

One Life Left

Okay, so it's not you, but use some imagination ;)

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29 May 2014

Morgan Freeman on Helium

Morganna Freeman?

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28 May 2014


So much blood...

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27 May 2014