When did life start getting in the way?

This place is barren; the strain and stresses of real life just don’t allow any time to keep this place up to date… What with work, weddings, swanning off to the States, and various festivals around Europe eating away at my ‘spare’ time. Barely even ridden my bike in 2017…

Flicking back through posts and finding bluetooth hovercrafts made of duct tape and foam. Game controllers made from hot glue, potentiometers, and gloves. Another comprising a collaborative controller made from a tennis ball, bottle, two chairs, IMUs, and a PSoC. Yet another made from hinges, metal rod, duct tape and elastic bands…

I used to have so much fun and be really adept at making things out of nothing, hacking something together as a prototype. I still get to hack a couple of things together for test use but these days it is mainly rather boring and simplistic, straight to manufacture for a larger system.

Where did the time go? When did I get boring?

Maybe I should branch out again?

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