Having a tidy up.

So after taking myself out of the loop for a while following a mountain biking accident where I ate the floor hard and fractured most of the left side of my face, separated my shoulder, damaged my spine etc etc, I’m back to kick things in to shape:

  • Starting with fixing the Last.FM plugin over there –>
    • Fix the XML parsing issue. – Done
    • Fix the album art resolution. – Done
    • Add links through to the track. – Done
    • Simplify the code base into a single loop rather than dealing with the most recently played track separately. – Done
    • Add an image with transparency over the album art to give it a jewel case appearance.
  • I’ve nuked the Konami code Easter-egg for a while. It will reappear once I’ve coded a better one…
  • Might go for a colour overhaul too, there isn’t nearly enough orange on here. – Started

Edit 15/11/14:

  • Fixed the post navigation, added images to the calls rather than plain text.
  • Fixed the 404 page.

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