Ubisoft are Fuckwits… No really… Just Die…

So a bit of background to this rant;

It’s Steam sale time of year, which is brilliant, except it means my wallet takes a pounding :(
So I decided to treat myself to a few games, one of which was the Ubisoft pack, I’ve yet to play Assassins Creed of any form so I though this would be a good place to start, getting one of my childhood favourite series along the way (Heroes of Might and Magic) and also Driver San Francisco, I used to have a brilliant time on Driver 2, we used to have a good old laugh playing it.


Ubisoft Collection


Now everything was going well, purchase done, games downloading etc.
Downloaded 30GB overnight and then Driver finished so I decided it was time to play it.. So try and launch it and the irritation of a Ubisoft window popping up looking for patches… Okay patches installed… But wait? what’s this? Another window installing patches? Why?

But anyway, that is a mild irritation, as to why they won’t use steam to push their content delivery out is quite frankly a whole different issue (or is it?)
Next pops up a UPlay box prompting to login…

Really Ubi? Why? I’m logged in to Steam, that should be enough… But anyway, I try to make a new account, no joy, their servers are down…
Then I remember that I had an account a long time ago so I enter my email and try and guess my password from years ago, no dice. Reset time it is. Try and reset and I can’t because despite entering my email address it’s flagging an error with my username which I’m assuming is due to it containing a dot… Which isn’t allowed in the new nomenclature…




So A) I can’t make an account
B) I can’t actually reset the password on the account I already have
C) You’re making me jump through hoops to actually play the game

This is the reason that piracy is so prolific, draconian DRM policies hindering the genuine gamer who has forked out for the game.. If I’d downloaded it illegitimately I would have been fine, but no I’m stuck with a poorly coded and worthless piece of software which is running in addition to a perfectly good DRM system and upstanding content delivery system called Steam…

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